Protecting Customers and Safeguarding Brand Reputation in the Era of the Cybercriminal

Agari’s Q1 2014 TrustIndex offers a unique scorecard to see how well both
individual companies (133 companies) and entire industries (11 industries)
have protected their customers from email cyberthreats. Because we
gather this data every quarter, we have patterned the trend lines to learn
who is doing better and who is falling behind.

Agari assessed nearly a dozen different industries including Financial Services and E-Commerce, as well as others, such as Healthcare, Airlines, and Travel. A few of the key findings includes:

  • Payments, even though it is one of the most closely-watched sectors, remained the third highest TrustScore and fourth lowest ThreatScore in Q1.
  • Health Care is the worst performer across all measures of the study and most susceptible to email attacks and cyber-fraud. Only one health care company made it out of the lowest tier – most companies are categorized as Easy Targets as health care records are five times more vulnerable than credit card data.
  • Etailers remain leaders in email security, with companies such as Netflix, Amazon and Groupon maintaining perfect, or near-perfect, TrustScores.

Download the Q1 2014 TrustIndex to see how your industry stacks up and find your own TrustScore using our easy-to-use scorecard worksheet included at the end of the report!