Understanding Social Engineering Based Scams
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Markus Jakobsson, Chief Scientist at Agari, has released a new book focused on socially-engineered schemes entitled Understanding Social Engineering Based Scams and its mission is threefold – to profile today’s most common schemes, forecast some future trends, and then to help organizations build effective countermeasures.

In this book, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the automated countermeasures for these email scams.
  • Review ‘real life’ scams that have impacted both consumers and organizations
  • Learn more about latest trends in email scams, as well as the tools and techniques to identify them

This book provides a good starting point for practitioners, decision makers and researchers in the security space. It provides clear recommendations for alternatives and complementary tools to current email security solutions, with a focus on understanding the metrics of these email-based scams.


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